Apply to run a UBC Global Seminar


Global Seminars are UBC accredited courses taught off-campus, in an international context. Go Global has collaborated with more than 50 different faculty members since 2012 to deliver Global Seminars in 24-plus countries. This program model gives UBC faculty a chance to set their classroom in a location that deepens learning, puts subject matter in context and enriches the experience. Go Global typically offers Global Seminars during the summer terms for two to six weeks, depending on the number of credits. 

Woman on former train tracks at Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration Camp UBC Global Seminar poster

UBC Associate Professor Bozena Karwowska’s “Witnessing Auschwitz,” a UBC Global Seminar on offer this summer: read more.


Go Global invites UBC faculty to submit proposals each year for the following academic year. Proposals must include:

  • a course code and description
  • a draft itinerary 
  • a budget  

A committee of UBC staff, faculty and Global Seminars alumni will review all proposals. The group will evaluate all proposals using this criteria:

  1. Learning outcomes - The proposed learning context (e.g., international, virtual) and activities enhance course learning outcomes. Course assignments are designed to connect international experiences with course content.
  2. Appropriate itinerary and budget - The proposed itinerary is realistic. Programming provides students with adequate time for course instruction, site visits, critical self-reflection and self-care. The budget for the course reflects proposed activities, location for travel, duration and does not contain extraneous expenses for students.
  3. Student and faculty safety - Global Seminars should be planned with student safety in mind. Global Seminars may not take place in locations where Global Affairs Canada has issued the warning to “avoid non-essential travel” and “avoid all travel." 
  4. Departmental support - The department head supports the proposal and indicates that faculty are available to teach the course as part of their annual course load.
  5. Program Director commitment - Program Directors acknowledge the nature and responsibility of undertaking a group study experience in an international setting. The course builds on the program director's previous international or group leadership experiences and fits into research and/or teaching goals. By running a Global Seminar, program directors commit to meeting twice during the academic year to participate in planning and training sessions, as well as one-on-one with UBC’s Student Safety and Global Engagement Advisors as needed. Program directors are prepared to take an active role in program planning, student recruitment and advising, student selection, facilitation of pre-departure and returned sessions, risk management and financial management.


Submit your proposals to the selection committee at with the subject heading: "Global Seminar Proposal."

We encourage you to get in touch with us prior to submission. We are available to review program proposals and help you draft a program budget. 

All 2021 applications are due June 30, 2021.

Global Seminar stream

Prepare your proposal: Complete a program budget and application form.

Arts Research Abroad Global Seminar stream 

The Arts Research Abroad Award (ARA) provides 70 to 100% funding to eligible students. ARA funding is available on a competitive basis to upper-level international research courses in the Faculty of Arts.  

Prepare your ARA funded Global Seminar proposal: Complete an ARA program budget and ARA application form.

Virtual Global Seminar stream

Virtual Global Seminars are online UBC courses with a global theme and a global community engagement component. 

Stay tuned! Applications for Virtual Seminars are due in early fall.


Go Global offers a range of support services during the Global Seminar program cycle. Throughout the duration of the program, we:

  • Meet with you regularly to review your program plan and timeline
  • Connect you with the Centre for Teaching and Learning for integrated and personalized support with learning design and online learning technologies
  • Create web content and other promotional materials, including high-quality printed posters
  • Manage the application process using UBC’s online Gateway application system
  • Assist with shortlisting and student selection
  • Deliver pre-departure programming for all selected students
  • Ensure the program complies with UBC’s finance, student safety and student conduct policies and protocols
  • Assist with budget development
  • Manage all student fees, vendor payments, travel advances and budget reconciliation
  • Provide risk management and emergency assistance while you are in the field with students
Go Global Award

UBC students participating in Go Global international learning programs receive more than $1.4 million annually through scholarships and awards. Historically, Go Global has considered all Global Seminar students for the $1,000 Go Global Award or $500 Virtual Go Global Award. 


From Global Seminars faculty:

"One of the most rewarding experiences of my career."

"I loved that (Go Global) had budget templates I could share with my partner organization abroad, handled all the money, helped with publicity and preparation for the program."

"As a faculty member, I personally find it important to leave the 'confines' of our classroom and work in a different (and more complicated) learning setting."

For more information:

Pavlo Bereas, Global Seminars Advisor
Charlotte Humphries, Global Seminars Advisor