VIRS Application for Admission

How to apply

Eligible students are strongly encouraged to submit the completed VIRS application at least eight weeks before the planned start date for the research. It may take up to one month for VIRS applications to be reviewed and for you to receive your Letter of Acceptance, a letter you will need in order to apply for relevant immigration documents (Canadian visa and/or study permit).

Depending on your location, processing times for Canadian visas and study permits can vary depending on your location.

Any changes to the start or end dates of your research must be reported to Go Global in order to ensure your Letter of Acceptance is accurate and that you have proper insurance coverage.

  1. See if you meet the eligibility requirements to apply to be a VIRS student
  2. Download and save the VIRS Approval Form (pdf) onto your computer
    1. Complete the form and obtain all the required signatures. Scanned or emailed copies are acceptable
    2. Save the Approval Form in PDF or JPEG format.
  3. Complete the online VIRS Initial Application survey and upload the Approval Form where indicated
  4. Apply for a UBC Student ID Number. You will only receive the link to this form after successfully submitting the VIRS Initial Application
  5. Create your Campus Wide Login (CWL) account using the student number you will receive after submitting the online application. A Campus Wide Login (CWL) will allow you to access the Student Service Centre (SSC), where you will be able to make fee payments. 
  6. The VIRS Program Fee ($415) will be charged to your SSC account about one week after you obtain your UBC Student ID Number
    1. Pay the assessed fee to your Student Service Centre (SSC) account. You should receive your UBC Letter of Acceptance within 2 - 3 weeks after paying your VIRS Program Fee. The time will depend on the overall number of applications Go Global is receiving. Go Global asks for your patience in this process. Go Global is not able to rush or expedite letters of acceptance based on your individual situation.
  7. Apply for the appropriate immigration document using the Letter of Acceptance. For example, you can apply for a study permit and/or Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), if applicable.
    See how to apply for an initial study permit, and see processing times for various immigration document applications on the Government of Canada website. 

    1. Students engaged in research lasting six months or longer require a study permit.
    2. Students engaged in research lasting less than six months may complete their research under visitor status with a temporary resident visa (TRV) or electronic travel authorization (eTA), depending on citizenship.

Students admitted through VIRS will be registered as full-time students at UBC for the duration of their research period. Admitted students will have permission to engage in research education, but may not register in academic courses.

Applications and FAQs

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If you have questions

For more information about the VIRS program, email the VIRS Advisor at