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Go Global transfer credit

Do you advise students about transferring credit from their Go Global study experience? 

Students on Senate-approved Go Global programs receive credit for academic courses successfully completed while on Go Global. We recommend students to map out their degree and consider faculty-specific information prior to applying to any credit-bearing programs. 

It is the student's responsibility to select appropriate courses so that their transfer credit could be used towards meeting their degree requirements. We work in partnership with faculties to determine what is best for students in achieving their goals.

Ultimately, the decision about what credit a student will receive is at the discretion of the student’s faculty. All students submit transfer credit requests through the Transfer Credit Portal as part of their Go Global transfer credit process. These course requests get assigned to the relevant faculties and departments for review and are managed by the Go Global faculty designate within each faculty. For more information about the Go Global transfer credit process, please see: https://global.ubc.ca/go-global/international-experiences/exchange/transfer-credits-go-global

Record of transfer credit

Grades assigned at host universities do not appear on UBC transcripts. Instead, a student's transcript states that they participated in a Go Global study program and lists their host institution and the total credit transferred.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their partner university transcript is provided to Go Global by the partner university or a trusted third-party records verification system. Go Global is unable to accept transcripts directly from students as official. Once received, transcripts are uploaded to the student’s package of course requests in the Transfer Credit Portal to facilitate the final steps in the transfer credit process. 

Students are strongly advised to obtain extra copies of transcripts from their partner universities while they are attending; these may be critical for future applications to graduate studies, professional programs, and funding opportunities.

Meeting degree requirements

When Go Global transfer credit is evaluated, it can be assigned as specific course credit (e.g. BIOL 300), unassigned department credit (e.g. POLI 2nd), or unassigned faculty credit (e.g. ARTS 3rd). Students are asked to meet with their academic advisors to determine how their Go Global transfer credits can be used towards meeting specific academic requirements.

Credit equivalencies

Credit equivalencies are determined by Enrolment Services in collaboration with Go Global, and a conversion ratio known as a credit equivalency formula is calculated for each partner university. As a general guideline, a full course load at the host university transfers as a full course load at UBC. UBC credits are based on semester hours of scheduled class time. 

Credit equivalency formulas can be found on the individual partner pages for winter session term exchanges or Summer Abroad program pages for summer study programs.

Any questions regarding credit equivalencies should be directed to go.global@ubc.ca.

Course Requests Form

Prior to their Go Global study experience (or on arrival at their partner university), students are required to log in to the Transfer Credit Portal to submit their transfer credit requests and include detailed course information for each course they plan to complete during their term(s) at the partner university.

  • The package of course requests is reviewed by the faculty designate who then distributes new course requests to the appropriate faculty or department evaluator to evaluate the course for specific or unassigned credit.
  • Once a course is evaluated, evaluation decisions are updated in the Transfer Credit Portal where staff and the student can track the progress of the transfer credit requests.
  • Credit is only assigned after the final transcript is received and uploaded to the Transfer Credit Portal since transfer credit is conditional on successful completion of each course. This part of the process is managed by the relevant faculty designate.

Students are required to keep their faculty and Go Global informed of any changes to their course registration at the host university and to ensure that their final transcript from the partner university is sent to Go Global.

Course levels

Course levels are determined by comparing a partner university's degree structure to UBC's. For example, UK degrees are typically three-year programs that correspond with the second, third, and fourth years of UBC degrees. Partner university course level information can often be found in the Course Request, but assigning UBC course level credit is at the discretion of the relevant faculty or department evaluator.

Transfer credit - faculty designates

Applied Science cie.apsc@ubc.ca
Architecture jodonnell@sala.ubc.ca
Arts arts.transfercredit@ubc.ca
Forestry chiara.longhi@ubc.ca
Kinesiology deborah.gromer@ubc.ca
Land and Food Systems roxana.quinde@ubc.ca
Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Environmental Design etu@sala.ubc.ca
Music music.advisor@ubc.ca
Sauder School of Business ann.gilray@sauder.ubc.ca
Science kim.chan@ubc.ca