About the program

Get hands-on research experience at a university abroad or through a virtual opportunity and build non-credit work experience over the summer.

Application dates vary. Please see the program page for the application deadline.
  • Conduct research in another country or virtually.
  • Add academic and extracurricular experience to your portfolio.
  • Enjoy a break from your regular UBC courseload.

Browse Research Abroad programs

Travel to another institution or participate in a virtual experience for research.

Aga Khan University Virtual Internship Programme

Apply by Jan 27, 2022

Engage in remote work opportunities with diverse teams in more than 14 countries, including those in East Africa, Asia, and Europe.

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École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Apply by Nov 25, 2021

Visit Switzerland and conduct hands-on research in a cutting-edge laboratory on the shores of Lake Geneva and at the foot of the Alps.

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Technical University of Munich

Apply by Nov 5, 2021

Participate in the 10-week practical research experience program over the summer in Germany.

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Technische Universität Darmstadt

Apply by Jan 28, 2022

Complete an ongoing project or propose a cutting-edge research project in Germany.

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Lund University - Summer research in engineering 

Apply by Dec 31, 2021

During the summer Lund offers UBC students the opportunity to engage in 8 week summer research projects running from May - June. 

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ETH Zurich Student Summer Research Fellowship

Apply by Nov 25, 2021

Conduct research in Zurich for computer science topics, such as theory and algorithms, information and system security, machine learning, and more.

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University of Tokyo - Summer Internship Program in Kashiwa

Apply by January 4, 2022

Build research experience while taking part in cultural activities such as Japanese lessons, field trips, and cultural events during this 47 day program.

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Hebrew University - Summer Science Internship Program

Apply by January 27, 2022

Work with internationally accomplished faculty to gain in-depth research experience.

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University of Tokyo - Amgen Scholars Program

Apply by January 14, 2022

Gain collaborative hands-on research experience and take part in various events to maximize your experience.

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Chinese University of Hong Kong - Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP)

Apply by February 3, 2022

Develop research skills and knowledge in a chosen area of research and prepare for postgraduate studies under the supervision of a CUHK faculty member.

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Go Global programs

Go Global allows you to travel abroad to study, conduct research, or to take a course abroad with UBC students and professors. 

Find options for specific faculties, specializations, or other international experiences.

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  • Learn new techniques from global contexts.
  • Add academic and extracurricular experience to your portfolio.
  • Network globally and see how research is done outside of UBC.

If you have questions

In-person and Virtual Drop-in advising hours

  • Tuesday: 1:00 - 3:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Go Global offers both in-person and virtual drop-in advising through Zoom during the times listed above.