December 23, 2021

Remember "Love Actually," that favourite British Christmas blockbuster starring Hugh Grant and Bill Nighy? It might be oldish at this point (the movie debuted in 2003), but pandemic-weary citizens are tuning in once again this holiday season for a little love and spicy comedic zingers to brighten the times. Grace Nosek, a UBC Law PhD candidate and "climate storyteller," understands that.

She's using humour to inject new enthusiasm into the climate action movement – along with optimism, inspiration, hope and fun – targeted at youth. In addition to many other boundary-pushing initiatives (and her scholarly work and advocacy), Nosek is regularly posting memes and spoofs on social media calling out Big Oil for, as she says, "spreading misinformation about climate science, and causing a whole generation to feel disempowered and in despair." Take a look at this recent video on Instagram that Nosek executive produced based on her research.

Read more about Grace Nosek’s climate justice advocacy, partnerships and research.

Listen to Grace Nosek on this recent episode of the podcast, A Little More Good.

A social media post from Grace Nosek on climate action.

A social media post from Grace Nosek on climate action (photo: Grace Nosek) 


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