Students, apply now to boost cross-cultural skills with European partners

January 24, 2022

Don't miss a chance to join Europe's "Network for Intercultural Competence to Facilitate Entrepreneurship" program: applications due Feb. 9

Build your intercultural know-how, learn about international entrepreneurship, and work with European peers online. Two universities in the Global Virtual Classrooms (GVC) initiative have invited UBC to be part of this year’s Network for Intercultural Competence to Facilitate Entrepreneurship (NICE). NICE is a multi-university global collaboration aimed at strenthening culture-spanning competence and entrepreneurial skills. Kicking off March 2, the four-month virtual learning journey continues into July, 2022. Coursework will link students with peers and staff from Scotland's University of Edinburgh, Sweden's Lund University, the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, University College Dublin in Ireland, Italy's University of Padova and Europe's Arqus Alliance.

Photo: Ben White via Unsplash

(Photo: Ben White/Unsplash)

The program includes interactive online modules, group discussion facilitated by staff or graduate students, and projects. Students go through seven online modules, with facilitated discussion in small groups. In parallel, they work in cross-institutional, cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary teams on a collaborative solution to one of seven global challenges. Students have the option as well to present about their experience at a virtual session in July. Participants who finish the program will receive a certificate of completion.

NICE has offered UBC 10 spots to participate in the upcoming spring session. Program applications are due Feb. 9.

The newly formed GVC allows UBC students and faculty to collaborate with peers around the world on complex global issues without having to travel. From joint coursework and projects to pitch competitions and research symposia, GVC encompasses a wide range of programming leveraging technology and expertise within a partner network spanning 17 countries. The GVC initiative supports UBC's global engagement strategy, In Service

Network for Intercultural Competence to Facilitate Entrepreneurship: Apply now for one of 10 spaces available

March to July, 2022, virtual

Application deadline: Feb. 9, 2022

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