May 14, 2021

UBC is already on the cutting-edge of global health, particularly in the areas of health policy, medical sciences and Indigenous health, as well as social, economic and environmental dimensions. Under the leadership of Dr. Kishore Mulpuri, the Department of Orthopaedics is building “global” into the foundation of everything they do – mirroring UBC’s new global engagement strategy, In Service. Orthopaedics is intentionally designing many programs piloted in British Columbia or elsewhere in Canada for development and application around the world. When addressing issues of global relevance, such as developmental dysplasia of the hip, the department is also growing local capacity. The Hip Hope Network, for one, is is an emerging international health network and resource platform positioned to engage global partners, particularly collaborators not represented by G7 countries.

Learn more about the Department of Orthopaedics’ local-global initiatives.

Infographic: Tamara Dudley, Joel Sloan and Dr. Kishore Mulpuri


  • Global Capacity Development
  • Issues of Global Relevance
  • UBC as a Global Actor