Running UBC Global Seminar


Global Seminars are UBC accredited courses taught off-campus, in an international context. Go Global has partnered with more than 50 different faculty members since 2012 to deliver Global Seminars in over 24 countries. This program model gives UBC faculty a chance to set their classroom in a location that deepens learning, puts subject matter in context and enriches the experience. Go Global typically offers Global Seminars during the summer terms for two to six weeks, depending on the number of credits.   

Woman on former train tracks at Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration Camp UBC Global Seminar poster

UBC Associate Professor Bozena Karwowska’s “Witnessing Auschwitz,” a UBC Global Seminar on offer this summer: read more.


The next call for proposals will take place in May 2023 for programs to run in Summer 2024. Feel free to get in touch at any time to discuss any ideas or plans.

Go Global provides UBC instructors with support throughout the entire program workflow, from creation of new programs, promotional and recruitment, application management, budgeting, support in the field, and evaluation. Go Global’s wrap-around supports include:  

  • Program management  
  • Customized support from learning designers at the Centre for Teaching and Learning Technologies  
  • Promotional materials, including social media toolkits 
  • Student application processing using UBC’s online Gateway application system  
  • Assistance with shortlisting and student selection  
  • Pre-departure programming for all selected students  
  • Expertise in UBC’s finance, student safety and student conduct policies and protocols  
  • Assistance with budget development  
  • Financial management of student fees, vendor payments, and travel advances  
  • Risk management and emergency assistance while programs are in the field  

Proposals are reviewed with consideration of the following: 

  • The unique value the Global Seminar will bring to the student experience
  • Program viability: budget, logistics, prospects for recruitment
  • Student safety and risk management
  • Preparation of the program leads
  • The capacity of Go Global to support the program

Program approval will require support from the home department or unit head and Go Global. As you consider preparing a Global Seminar proposal, please discuss your plans with your department or unit head with consideration of: 

  • Your teaching load
  • Minimum course enrolment
  • Capacity of the department to support the program
  • The department's academic goals
  • Viability of student recruitment
  • Other programs that may be approved or proposed

If you are interested in developing a Global Seminar, please get in touch with us at


UBC students participating in Go Global international learning programs receive more than $1.4 million annually through scholarships and awards. Historically, Go Global has considered all Global Seminar students for the $1,000 Go Global Award.


From Global Seminars faculty:

"One of the most rewarding experiences of my career."

"I loved that (Go Global) had budget templates I could share with my partner organization abroad, handled all the money, helped with publicity and preparation for the program."

"As a faculty member, I personally find it important to leave the 'confines' of our classroom and work in a different (and more complicated) learning setting."

For more information:

Mathew Lyle, Global Engagement Advisor  
Jesus Aguilera Lopez, Global Engagement Advisor