The future is global – and UBC is transforming itself to meet the challenges of our time. But we cannot do it alone, and we can never assume we have all the answers. Our aim is to collaborate across disciplines, countries and continents, partner widely and work together for the greater good.

We feel strongly that only by working together can we level the playing field, develop global citizens, foster understanding and begin to address complex problems facing communities around the world.

UBC has partnerships with more than 300 universities, colleges and research institutions around the world. We also work side-by-side with grassroots community groups, corporations, NGOs, cities and national governments. We are always interested in pursuing new strategic alliances and research collaborations, both locally and internationally, that are equitable, impact-focused and based on mutual respect. 


Catalyze transformative learning experiences in global contexts, and on global issues, to help shepherd our students on their voyage towards global citizenship and leadership.

Enhance our scholarly activity impact, elevate our creative endeavors and grow our service capacity to build a more just, sustainable, resilient and thriving world.

Support UBC faculty, staff and global partners in active, productive relationships founded on strong connections between people.

Respect deep local knowledge and open sharing. Our collaborations are grounded in the principles and practices of inclusivity, reciprocity, mutual benefit and positive impact.


We listen. 

Our collaborations are based in mutual respect, learning from the strengths, creativity and resilience of our partner communities. We value inclusivity, reciprocity, mutual benefit and positive impact, building a more just and sustainable society.

​​​​​​We partner broadly. 

Our partnerships span disciplines and professions. They come in all shapes and sizes – with universities and colleges, community organizations, grassroots groups, corporations, small businesses, cities and countries – with goals of addressing critical infrastructure challenges on intersecting themes, such as poverty, education, climate change, health, social justice and inequality, as well as student learning and research. We call this canvas of partners “the 5Cs.”


We are experienced. 

UBC has long-standing partnerships with 300+ universities, colleges and research institutions across the globe – and we understand how to set up alliances and work side-by-side for maximum mutual benefit and impact. We value our productive partnerships and are always open to new collaborations with partners of all kinds, in British Columbia and beyond.


We streamline the process.

Our role is stewarding the entire partnership from initiation to agreement to roll-out and evaluation. Oftentimes, we don’t need a written agreement for meaningful international collaborations between scholars, students and staff. If we do, we will guide the formalized partnership agreement process.

We keep it simple.

The most successful research collaborations grow organically, often at the faculty or academic unit level, based on existing connections. We aim to be strategic and practical. Our role is to create opportunities for learning and global engagement that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of our entire academic community. We start by asking, what are we trying to achieve? 


As global connectors, it is our honour to welcome friends – old and new – to UBC. We support institutions interested in sending groups or individuals to our two British Columbia campuses. Get in touch with us to coordinate visits from international scholars, dignitaries and university administrators.