We are connectors. We create opportunities for learning and global engagement that inspire students, faculty, staff and partners to work together for a better world.

Our office is a hub for global collaboration. We bring together diverse groups – from students and researchers to small community organizations, corporations and governments – to co-create opportunities for global learning, innovation and service. Partnerships are foundational to all that we do. Humbled by the countless challenges confronting our world – and committed to fostering global citizenship and advancing a sustainable and just society – we partner widely both at home and abroad.

Our aim is to enhance global impact and understanding. We embrace an approach where knowledge knows no boundaries and where collaboration across continents, disciplines and institutions is fundamental to addressing complex issues. To find out more, listen to former Vice-Provost International Dr. Murali Chandrashekaran talking about our mandate:


At the Office of the Vice-Provost International, we oversee global services, programs, events and activities through our seven units:  

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Our mission and values

Our mission

To create opportunities for learning and global engagement that inspire students, faculty, staff and partners to make their difference in the world

Our values   

Service, Curiosity, Innovation, Collaboration, Reciprocity, Diversity 

Our work

Everything we do at the Office of the Vice-Provost International is about making it easier to collaborate, learn and share globally so we can build a better world – together. 


Amplify global opportunities for scholars and learners

  • Proactively develop and steward strategic partnerships and networks responsive to the needs and aspirations of faculties and the university
  • Support faculty in global endeavors
  • Boost awareness of global research collaboration and funding opportunities
  • Offer global learning opportunities and student support 

Simplify collaboration

  • Advise and help both faculties and the university to design and put global strategies into action
  • Are a central contact point for faculties to streamline partnership development and communication
  • Coordinate delegation visits to and from UBC
  • Support collaboration with local community partners on issues of global relevance

Champion innovation in global learning, research and service

  • Work with UBC units to develop a culture of innovation and collaboration in enhancing campus internationalization 
  • Support collaboration with students, staff, faculty and global partners to design impactful global educational experiences
  • Help students develop global competencies through international, local and virtual academic studies, research experiences, and co-curricular immersive experiences

Ensure safe travel

  • Work with International SOS and Campus Security to make sure travel abroad for students, staff and faculty is safe and secure

Are accountable and celebrate success

  • Track, measure and document global activities and impact
  • Communicate, advocate and promote impactful global engagement
  • Celebrate the contributions of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and local and global partners towards our goal of building a more sustainable and just society
Partnering with us

We collaborate with partners large and small – from community groups, grassroots nonprofits and corporations to universities and colleges, city and national governments – at home and overseas to tackle some of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. Through our partnerships, we seek to gain new perspectives, learn about ourselves and our place in the world, and develop students as global citizens. It is our honour and privilege to stand “in service” to the world.