Our office facilitates global collaboration and partnerships, and promotes international education opportunities for students at home and abroad. We are a service unit supporting the university and faculties.


At the Office of Global Engagement, we oversee global services, programs, events and activities worldwide through:  

Our mission and values

Our mission

To create opportunities for learning and global engagement that inspire students, faculty, staff and partners to make their difference in the world

Our values   

Service, Curiosity, Innovation, Collaboration, Reciprocity, Diversity 

Our work

Everything we do at the Office of Global Engagement is about making it easier to collaborate, learn and share globally so we can build a better world—together. 


Amplify global opportunities for scholars and learners

  • Proactively develop and steward strategic partnerships and networks responsive to the needs and aspirations of faculties and the university
  • Support faculty in global endeavors
  • Boost awareness of global research collaboration and funding opportunities
  • Offer global learning opportunities and student support 

Simplify collaboration

  • Advise and help both faculties and the university to design and put global strategies into action
  • Are a central contact point for faculties to streamline partnership development and communication
  • Coordinate delegation visits to and from UBC
  • Support collaboration with local community partners on issues of global relevance

Champion innovation in global learning, research and service

  • Work with UBC units to develop a culture of innovation and collaboration in enhancing campus internationalization 
  • Support collaboration with students, staff, faculty and global partners to design impactful global educational experiences
  • Help students develop global competencies through international, local and virtual academic studies, research experiences, and co-curricular immersive experiences

Ensure safe travel

  • Work with International SOS and Campus Security to make sure travel abroad for students, staff and faculty is safe and secure

Are accountable and celebrate success

  • Track, measure and document global activities and impact
  • Communicate, advocate and promote impactful global engagement
  • Celebrate the contributions of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and local and global partners towards our goal of building a more sustainable and just society
Partnering with us

We collaborate with partners large and small—from community groups, grassroots nonprofits and corporations to universities and colleges, city and national governments—at home and overseas to tackle some of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. Through our partnerships, we seek to gain new perspectives, learn about ourselves and our place in the world, and develop students as global citizens.


Our management team

Cheryl Dumaresq 
Executive Director, Global Engagement
Tel: 604-822-9613

Angie Hsu
Administration Manager & Executive Assistant, Office of Global Engagement
Tel: 604-822-5920

Go Global

Wendy Kang
Associate Director, Go Global: International Learning Programs
Tel: 604-822-6110

Sarah Cameron
Assistant Director, Go Global: Global Engagement Programs
Tel: 604-822-1610

Mathew Lyle
Assistant Director, Go Global: Faculty-Led and Strategic Programs
Tel. 604-822-5890

Lucy O'Regan
Manager, Student Safety Abroad
Tel: 604-827-2702

Global Partnerships

Emily MacDougall
Director, Global Partnerships
Tel: 604-827-2692

Haochen Li
Assistant Director, Global Partner Engagement and Strategy
Tel: 604-822-6270 

Natasha Nobell
Assistant Director, Global Partnerships and Faculty Relations
Tel: 604-822-2634

Regional offices

Rebecca Chiang
Office Manager Asia Pacific Regional Office
Room 1202, 12/F Lee Garden Six
111 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
​​​​​​Hong Kong
Tel: 852 2111 4401

Faisal Beg
Director India Liaison Office 
Unit 121, Square One
Plot c2, District Centre, Saket
New Delhi - 110017 India
Tel: 91 1146 061905

Our units

Sometimes it just takes one connection to effect positive change in the world. From mind-expanding student exchange, creative on-campus programs for international students, strategic global partnerships and proactive regional offices building goodwill abroad, our teams nurture global citizenship, convene collaborators and promote cross-cultural understanding.


“Going global” is about seeing the world through another lens and culture. For both UBC and international students, Go Global programs broaden perspectives, build critical thinking skills and forge long-lasting relationships across countries and continents. These global educational experiences include exchange, research and study abroad, virtual global seminars, conferences and research. Go Global also oversees the Student Safety Abroad Registry.



Together, we can change the world – and partnerships pave the way. With 300+ partnerships spanning 50+ countries, we value collaboration that’s equitable, impactful and based on strong connections between people. UBC’s partnership agreements with universities, research institutions, governments, corporations, community groups and NGOs contribute to life-saving research, learning break-throughs and solutions-focused work crossing professions, fields and subject matter. Our office serves UBC faculty, staff and global partners in both creating and maintaining productive faculty- and student-driven relationships.



Personal connections strengthen deep, long-lasting alliances. That’s the philosophy behind UBC’s international offices. Our two regional bases in Hong Kong and India make local connections and elevate partnerships for research, learning and capacity development. These overseas representatives also engage alumni, donors and prospective students, while promoting global UBC programs, services and events.

Asia Pacific Regional Office
Room 1202, 12/F Lee Garden Six
111 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
​​​​​​Hong Kong
Rebecca Chiang, Office Manager
Tel: 852 2111 4401

India Liaison Office 
Unit 121, Square One
Plot c2, District Centre, Saket
New Delhi - 110017 India
Faisal Beg, Director
Tel: 91 1146 061905



The International Student Initiative (ISI) plays an integral role in achieving the university’s internationalization strategies and goals. ISI supports recruitment of international undergraduate students from a diversity of countries and school systems; developing and managing an international student financial support program; and working collaboratively with faculty and student service units across UBC to ensure programs and services support international student success. Visit: you.ubc.ca.


UBC’s Development and Alumni Engagement (DAE) office upholds the university’s vision and values by engaging with alumni and friends – and by connecting donors to projects and causes that allow them to translate their passions into meaningful action. This support directly impacts UBC, its faculty and students, and has helped UBC become one of the world’s top 40 universities. DAE shares your interest in making UBC the best it can be, so that together we can build a better world. Visit: https://give.ubc.ca/ and https://www.alumni.ubc.ca/.

The university created the Hong Kong Foundation for UBC Limited to develop public awareness of UBC in Hong Kong, and to encourage financial support for the university and its programs. Visit: https://ubcf.org.hk/.