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Coming to UBC on exchange

IRCC Update on Study Permit Requirements

As of January 22, 2024, international undergraduate students outside of Canada applying for a new study permit will now also need a Provincial Attestation Letter from the Province of British Columbia. For more information on study permits, please see the International Student Guide here.

How to apply

You will learn from leading academics and study with students from all over the world when you are on exchange at UBC—at either the Vancouver or Okanagan campus. You will also earn credits towards your home degree. Here’s how to get started. 

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Planning & eligibility 

Begin planning by making sure you meet eligibility criteria for exchange. Scan the information and if UBC seems like a good fit for you, please first reach out to the office managing exchange programs at your home university.  


Nomination & application process 

Once your home university has nominated you, you will be able to start on your UBC application. Read the information carefully because you will need to access multiple platforms for the exchange application.  



Once you have submitted your exchange application, apply to live in UBC on-campus housing. Please note that the demand is very high, so it is important that you follow all the instructions. You can also find more information on finding off-campus housing on this page  


Course registration

UBC has a large array of course offerings. Each department will have specific processes and restrictions around registering for courses. Read the course restrictions when preparing your course request survey.  


Prepare for life at UBC

UBC is a large campus with many student resources. Take a look at this list of support for incoming exchange students.  


After your exchange

Before returning home, read through this information to gain a better understanding of how Go Global will support your transition back to your home university.  



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