Building global capacity with partners around the world?

February 7, 2023

Are you collaborating on a capacity-building project? Or working with a university in a low- or middle-income country? Consider introducing your project to Academics Without Borders (AWB).

Academics Without Borders is a non-profit organization that engages in capacity-building projects in partnership with higher education institutions in developing countries. The aim is to help universities train their own experts and conduct research to assist their own countries’ development. AWB fulfills its mission by providing volunteer expertise in a range of academic disciplines and administrative functions depending on the needs of the institution.

Academic and professional staff from AWB’s Network of Canadian universities and colleges contribute their time and expertise to short- and long-term projects that foster the skills and knowledge needed. AWB encourages them to submit project ideas for implementation. The projects can include any area in which universities are active: such as teaching, research and administrative operations, in any discipline. Proposals must align with AWB's mission and operating principle, and take place in countries where AWB works. AWB partners in the developing world identify the areas for assistance, and they take the lead in project design and roll out. AWB and UBC provide the expert volunteers for projects.

“UBC’s engagement with the AWB Network is a meaningful expression of our shared belief that universities can be an important force in promoting global development by collaborating with our partner institutions of higher education in the developing world as they strive to increase the capacity and quality of their programs,” said Emily MacDougall, Director of Global Partnerships for the UBC Office of the Vice-Provost International.

AWB call for project proposals
Deadline: March 17, 2023
Read more about the call for project proposals.
To discuss a proposal: Contact Academics Without Borders Associate Executive Director Corrie Young

Note: For environmental reasons, AWB is prioritizing project formats that are entirely or partially virtual. Proposals should maximize work that can be done remotely in preparation for onsite visits.

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