Go Global Office of Global Engagement

Studying as a graduate student at UBC on exchange

Guidelines for prospective students


Before applying to do graduate studies at UBC, please check the Faculty of Graduate Studies website to see if you meet their minimum requirements. Many departments also have higher TOEFL requirements for graduate students.

Students who intend to conduct research while on exchange

You must have approval from a UBC faculty member who will supervise your research at UBC prior to completing their online application. Your research will likely count as one course (and may or may not be credit bearing). Please note that you are also required to take courses in addition to your research. Students coming to UBC for research-only activity are asked to come through the Visiting International Research Students (VIRS) program even when coming from an exchange partner university.

Classifying as a graduate student 

Students who have already completed an undergraduate degree may be considered graduate students at UBC. There is limited availability in graduate-level courses.

Classification as a graduate student at your home university does not necessarily mean that you will be considered a graduate student at UBC.

Restrictions for incoming exchange students 

Courses in some disciplines (e.g. economics, business, psychology, health sciences, community and regional planning, law, anthropology, etc.) are not open to exchange students at the graduate level. Please also review other course and program restrictions here.

Students taking graduate-level courses 

Students wishing to take graduate-level courses are required to complete and submit the Go Global exchange student form (pdf)after arrival at UBC. This includes undergraduate students hoping to take graduate courses. More information about graduate studies restrictions and taking graduate-level courses can be found here.

Application, dates, and practical info

Not from a university partner?

Visiting, Unclassified, and Access Studies students are part of Non-Degree Studies, which is for students taking UBC courses without pursuing a UBC degree.

See Non-Degree Studies information for more details and to find out how to apply.