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International Education Practicum

International placements for Bachelor of Education students are undertaken during the 3-week Community-Based Field Experience following the extended practicum in the classroom.

About the Practicum

As part of your international practicum placement, you will need to submit a one-page paper with your observations on differences and similarities between the BC school system and the school system of your international placement. 


To be eligible to do an international education practicum, you must meet the following requirements:

Be a student in good standing in the Faculty of Education

Have passed all BEd courses and practicums proceeding the international practicum

Have a satisfactory academic record for studies immediately preceding the BEd

Have strong oral and written English or French (if applying to a France language option) skills

Practicum Placement Opportunities

For all of these opportunities, the university or institution arranges placements for UBC teacher candidates. Local teachers apply to have a practicum student and in most cases placements will correspond with your specialization.