Go Global Office of Global Engagement

After you've been selected

Student selection for summer programs is mid-January to late February. Once you've been notified of selection, before accepting consider: 

  • Review program fees and costs, prepare your budget
  • Review funding available (we will outline details in your acceptance email) 
  • Review our refund policy
  • Review program terms and conditions 

When you are ready to accept, follow the instructions in your acceptance email. Once you accept, consider: 

Pay fees The fee you owe is listed in your acceptance email. Pay in your SSC. 
Flights  Wait until you get the finalized program travel dates, and have attended any on-campus meetings, before making travel plans.  
Your passport  Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after you plan to return to UBC. If you need to renew, renew as soon as possible.
Visas & residence permits 

You might need a visa or permit to enter your program destination country. Usually, tourist visas are sufficient because you are not registering as a student in your host country; you will be registered in a UBC course. However, you are responsible for making sure you apply for the correct visa type.  

You might need to travel to another city to apply for or obtain your visa. For example, you might need to go in-person to a consulate in Ottawa or Toronto, Ontario. 

Visa fees can be significant. Please take these into consideration when budgeting. 

If you are a UBC international student with a Canadian study permit, you should make sure your permit will be valid while you are away. For more information, contact International Student Advising.

While we will work with your faculty program directors to provide guidance on visas, Go Global does not advise in detail on visas because rules and application processes change often and can vary greatly depending on students’ individual situation (eg, your citizenship or length of program). 

Course registration  In spring, either Go Global or the academic department offering the Global Seminar, will register you in the course code for your program. No need to register yourself.  
Budgeting  Your Global Seminar only includes the cost of the program on the ground in-country. It does not include the cost of your flights or tuition for the course credits. Consider other personal costs while travelling. 
Award payment  Go Global pays most awards from late April and mid-May for summer programs. You will receive an email from Enrolment Services asking you to accept your award on the SSC. (You will need to purchase your flights before receiving this award.) 
Pre-Departure  You must attend a mandatory Pre-Departure session a few weeks before you leave. You will be notified via your registed email to RSVP. As part of this session, please begin pre-departure modules on Canvas and start your submission for the UBC Safety Registry.