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ECON Courses Transfer Credit Notice

The Vancouver School of Economics (VSE) would like to inform you that they will not be providing articulation for any ECON courses that are offered by UK summer schools or non-credit granting programs which do not offer academic credits. Please consult your Academic Advisor if you are planning to take/ or transfer any ECON courses during/ from your 2024 summer experience.

Find a Summer Abroad Experience

Find a Summer Abroad Experience


Spend the summer studying at one of our university partners without interrupting your winter semester course load. You can also add a summer term before you begin your winter Exchange program.

Summer Abroad application process

  1. Research the summer program options and information on both the Go Global Summer Abroad pages as well as partners’ summer program websites (links for each partner program are on the Summer Abroad pages).  Individual programs are listed by country on this page.
  2. Check the eligibility requirements and then apply to Go Global by the deadline. 
  3. Go Global will review your application after the deadline and secure faculty approvals. You’ll hear back about results of your Go Global application within 4-6 weeks.
  4. Go Global will nominate you to the partner, and you’ll be invited to apply to the partner university. Go Global will support you through this process.
  5. The partner university will notify you about your admission to the program in the subsequent weeks as well as provide any registration, immigration/visa or pre-arrival details.
  6. You’ll get invited to pre-departure programming in the spring that’ll help prepare you for your experience and give you a chance to connect with other students.

Go Global programs

Go Global allows you to travel abroad to study, conduct research, or to take a course abroad with UBC students and professors. 

Find options for specific faculties, specializations, or other international experiences.

Discover programs

  • Take courses beyond what's offered at UBC
  • Add academic and extracurricular experience to your portfolio
  • Form global connections and make friends from around the world

Summer Abroad Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What courses can I take to transfer credits back to UBC?

Any credited, academic course taken through Go Global is eligible for credit transfer.

View a list of evaluated courses previous students have taken under the “Transfer credits and equivalent courses” section on each partner university page. Not all courses are offered during the summer session because some might be from the winter term. Check the university partner’s website to see the full list of courses available.

New courses not already evaluated can be submitted as new course requests for transfer credit. Find out more about the transfer credit process.

What’s the maximum number of credits I can take during the summer?

For most faculties, students can take a maximum of 12-14 UBC credits during the summer session. This includes any coursework taken at UBC and through Go Global programs. Contact an Academic Advisor in your faculty if you have questions about this.

Can I apply directly to the partner’s summer program without going through Go Global?

You are welcome to apply for summer programs independently, but it’s not likely you’ll be able to transfer credit for coursework you complete. As part of the application review process, Go Global secures faculty approvals that will allow you to transfer credit back. Independents are also ineligible for student services and funding opportunities related to Go Global programs.

Can I apply for more than one Summer Abroad program?

Yes, you are welcome to do more than one summer program or even multiple Go Global experiences (e.g. Summer Abroad + Winter Term Exchange), provided that you are approved by your faculty to do so. Make sure the study dates don’t conflict, and take into account any exam periods, early arrival for housing move-in, or orientations. Remember to submit a separate application for each experience you plan to participate in.

Can I take a summer session term at UBC before (or after) my Summer Abroad program?

Yes, as long as the study dates don’t conflict, such as within any exam periods, early arrival for housing move-in, or orientations. Also, transfer credit from Go Global Summer Abroad programs count within your summer session credit load limit (usually 12-14 credits maximum) for your faculty.

For guidance on schedule conflicts and credit load limits, please contact your faculty advising office or your faculty designate for transfer credit.

What’s the difference between summer exchange and summer study abroad?

Summer exchange is the term used when students pay the tuition portion of their Summer Abroad program to UBC at the tuition rate they normally pay. After acceptance to Go Global, students report the number of credits they plan on transferring back from the Summer Abroad program. Then an exchange code gets added to the student’s Student Service Centre (SSC) summer registration, which charges the corresponding tuition fees. Summer exchange spaces are limited and can be more competitive, so including a second choice on your Summer Abroad application is strongly recommended. 

Study abroad (sometimes also called “fee-paying”) refers to when students pay tuition to the partner university at the rates listed on their website. When selecting this option, be sure to research costs carefully and take note of the currency used to list prices. 

Summer exchange and summer study abroad are both part of the Summer Abroad programming. Some experiences have both summer exchange and study abroad options. Depending on whether you pay UBC tuition at domestic or international rates, the costs can vary widely. Research the options to see which makes the most sense for you. 

Under both options, the partner may charge other fees for housing, activities, excursions, and more, payable directly to the partner. Transfer credit and awards eligibility are the same regardless of whether you do summer exchange or summer study abroad.

What’s the deadline to apply for Summer Abroad?

This depends on which program you are applying for. There are two deadlines for Summer Abroad programs: mid December and late January. Check out the individual Summer Abroad program pages for details. Individual programs are listed by country on this page.

What is the Go Global Fee Adjustment Policy?

The Go Global Fee ($415.00 CDN) is an administrative fee required for all applicants to Go Global programs. The fee is non-refundable. However, it may be adjusted under the following circumstances.

If you are not matched to a partner university

You are eligible to have your Go Global fee adjusted from $415.00 to $93.25 (reduced by $321.75) if:

  • You have applied to Go Global but do not meet our minimum eligibility requirements
  • Go Global cannot match you to a partner university
  • The partner university does not accept your application and Go Global cannot find another option
If you withdraw from Go Global

To withdraw from your Go Global exchange, research or summer abroad program, you must contact Go Global by email to request withdrawal. You will then be asked to complete a short withdrawal form.

Students who withdraw from Go Global by the relevant deadline below, will have their Go Global fee adjusted from $415.00 to $321.75 (reduced by $93.25).

  • March 30: For summer and research programs
  • June 30: For UBC Winter Term 1 and Full-Year exchange
  • September 30: For UBC Winter Term 2 and Split-Year exchange

If you have questions, please connect with your Go Global advisor or email Go Global at go.global@ubc.ca.

How can I find out more?

We have drop-in advising at the Go Global office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1pm-3pm. Alternatively, join a virtual group advising session held every Friday at 12 pm. See details on the Go Global Go Global Events Calendar below. You can also request an appointment with a Go Global Advisor by completing this online form, or by emailing go.global@ubc.ca

Go Global events and info sessions

Browse the calendar for international experience info sessions facilitated by partner universities as well as Go Global group advising times.

Advising and resources

In-person and Virtual Drop-in advising hours

  • Wednesday: 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Go Global offers both in-person and virtual drop-in advising through Zoom during the times listed above.

Go Global 101 Info Sessions

Learn about Go Global programs, eligibility, timelines, and next steps!

Next session dates will take place in Fall 2024! More details to come.