Go Global Office of Global Engagement

Support for students

Life at UBC 

  • UBC Campus Life
    Make the most of your university experience and all that UBC has to offer! Meet new people, make connections, get involved and explore the campus  

  • Academic & learning resources
    Find resources for academic success inside and the classroom out, including how to get one-on-one support for writing, tutoring and coaching services 

  • Mexican Student Association
    UBC has a very dynamic Mexican Student Association. Many of our Tec students in the past have been actively involved in the association’s events and activities.  

  • Enter the Go Global photo contest
    Throughout the semester, Go Global will invite you to submit photos and reflect on your exchange. Use your CWL account login to access this page. 

After your time at UBC 

Outstanding fees  Pay any outstanding fees (iMED insurance, U-Pass and any other administrative fees) so there is no financial hold placed on your account. We are unable to process your transcript if you have a hold on your account. 
Transcripts & credits

Go Global will send your transcript to your home university about eight weeks after your exchange ends. 

If you need your transcript earlier, order it directly from Enrolment Services. (You will need to pay a small fee if you choose to order a transcript directly from Enrolment Services.)  

If you need your transcripts as part of an application to graduate school or other program, order a copy through Enrolment Services

It is up to your home university to determine how the credits you earned at UBC will count towards your degree progression in your program. 

Certificates  For students having successfully completed a certificate program, Go Global will send a PDF copy of your certificate along with your transcripts to your home university. Should you need a copy of your certificate, put in a request with your home institution.  
Tax returns 

Students who have received an award from UBC might need to file a tax return depending on the situation. Find out more.
Info on: 
Individual Tax Number (ITN) 

Social Insurance Number (SIN) 

Summer terms  Go Global does not support exchange during the summer terms. If you are interested in extending your stay at UBC, consider the UBC Vancouver Summer Program or the Visiting International Research Students (VIRS) program
Research  If you are interested in taking on a research project with one of your professors, consider the Visiting International Research Students (VIRS) program. The VIRS program is ideal for students who want to engage in full-time research studies at UBC under the supervision of a UBC supervisor. 
Faculty of Graduate Study  If you want to pursue graduate studies at UBC, please check out opportunities with the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.